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image     Miami International Airport is one of the most important airports in the state of Florida and takes 24th place in the world by number of transported passengers. The airport is known as the gateway to Latin America from and to which they are a lot of flights. Also from Miami airport is an important link in the TRANS-Atlantic flights from Europe and back, and of course for domestic flights within the USA.
Scenery | Views: 956Downloads: 381 | Adds: vvs5500 | Date: 12.03.2022 | Comments (0)

     This addition by HiFi works with FSX, and with FS 2004. It's carryimage passengers gain excitement and realism. Depending on what happens during the flight, passengers will have to change the health and relevant to you. The whole process of the flight from landing to landing, simulated and designed audio and multimedia video content.
    Including voice attendants, maintenance personnel at gates and captain, they are fully customizable in the screen options. With a few mouse clicks you can burn a new set of voices. Video provided in  format "From the point of view of the passenger".
Utilities | Views: 569Downloads: 379 | Adds: Liexer | Date: 10.03.2022 | Comments (0)

   This package contains the livery for the Boeing model 737-800 from PMGD mainly Russian airlines. Are set using Livery Manager ,which is on the way x:\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\PMGD\Livery Manager. However, some have to be installed manually. In such cases, read the ReadMe in the respective folders.
Utilities | Views: 1240Downloads: 380 | Adds: vvs5500 | Date: 06.03.2022 | Comments (0)

Have you ever been annoyed that you would like to see a landing from the tower, but the tower is anywhere, but not where should it be? This addition (autower) will correct this disadvantage of the Fs2004. Now you can watch your beautiful landing from a real tower (as in the top FSX) Designed to work in the background without user intervention, it automatically moves the tower to the airport, to the place where it should be really.
Utilities | Views: 1985Downloads: 846 | Adds: vvs5500 | Date: 27.03.2018 | Comments (0)

imageExcellent model in the coloring Vladivostok Avia. The Tupolev TU204-120 is the Russian competitor to the Airbus A320 and Boeing 757. The 204–120 is equipped with the western Rolls Royce 535e4 engines, which are also an option for the 757-200. The Tupolev 204 was developed as a replacement for the Tupolev 154.
Aircrafts | Views: 2594Downloads: 1055 | Adds: vvs5500 | Date: 19.03.2018 | Comments (0)

The new version of the Yak-42 with the panel, the new dynamics and new model! And adapt to the defendant online from Su-30. In liveries Aeroflot and Lviv Airlines.
Aircrafts | Views: 2653Downloads: 1010 | Adds: vvs5500 | Date: 24.02.2018 | Comments (0)

   The Mil Mi-8 (Russian Ми-8, NATO reporting name "Hip") is a medium twin-turbine transport helicopter that can also act as a gunship. The Mi-8 is the world's most-produced helicopter, and is used by over 50 countries.
Heliocopters | Views: 2463Downloads: 967 | Adds: vvs5500 | Date: 12.02.2018 | Comments (0)

    imageFSX NAIA (RPLL) Photoreal Scenery. An FSX photoreal scenery package for the Ninoy Aquino International Airport, the main entry point for the Philippines. Based on satellite imagery and aerial photos of the actual airport. Features accurate rendition of nearby rivers and roads with AI vehicular traffic. Still shows the lakes and greenery of "Nayong Pilipino". An overall accurate depiction of the immediate environs of the airport. This is a complete scenery package with nicely modeled buildings taken from other
uploads, accompanied with an ADE file By Oliver R. Imperial.
Scenery | Views: 2545Downloads: 1087 | Adds: vvs5500 | Date: 06.02.2018 | Comments (0)

Irkutsk image International Airport - one of the largest  airports in the Asian part of Russia, the hub port of regional and international transport. Situated 8 km from the centre of Irkutsk (in fact, it is within the city), 60 km from lake Baikal. Has transport links with the nearest neighbors of Irkutsk - the industrial centers of Angarsk and Shelekhov

Scenery | Views: 2377Downloads: 995 | Adds: vvs5500 | Date: 29.12.2017 | Comments (0)