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Yakovlev Yak-42
[ · Download remotely (16.4 Mb) ] 24.02.2018, 13:18
imageThe new version of the Yak-42 with the panel, the new dynamics and new model! And adapt to the defendant online from Su-30. In liveries Aeroflot and Lviv Airlines.
 The first flight of this brand was created and was made its first flight in 1975.

 In the mid-1970s, was designed by the aircraft of Yakovlev design bureau, for short-haul flights on routes of the Soviet Union. Commercial operation of the aircraft began in 1980.

 imageIt also was designed Yak-42D (with increased takeoff weight and flight range). For all time of production, built 194 aircraft (64 aircraft Yak-42 and 130 Yak-42D), the latter of which was delivered to the customer only in 2009
 Author: Lviv Yak-42 Group Samdim Design
Enjoy your flight!

image image


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