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Antonov - 24 FSX
[ · Download remotely (162,8 Mb) ] 01.03.2022, 15:09
     imageThe aircraft model for FSX is of excellent quality, despite the fact that it is free software. This is Antonov AN-24RV. Includes 4 liveries: Izhavia, VSL, Aeroflot and Tyumenavia. The virtual cabin is completely modeled in 3D, you will be delighted with its devices with 3D finishes and HD textures. Full access to a variety of switches on various cabin panels. Includes real sounds and animations. The realism of this add-on is very genuine.

Antonov AN-24 is a twin-turbine aircraft capable of carrying from 44 to 52 passengers, produced in the USSR (now in Ukraine) at the Antonov plant. It was assumed that the aircraft would be operated in the regional sector and was particularly successful even by Western standards, but its commercial profitability was low, due to the too large mass of full load.
Important: For the correct operation of the AN-24RV and the exclusion of the error "failed to load sensors"/sc_acc.dll " it is necessary to download and install the latest version of the KLN90B sensor (GPS), installation of this sensor is required only once.
Click on the link below to download the sensor.

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