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Mi-8MT Hip v 4.1 FS2004
[ · Download remotely (128 Mb) ] 12.02.2018, 17:57

The Mil Mi-8 (Russian Ми-8, NATO reporting name "Hip") is a medium twin-turbine transport helicopter that can also act as a gunship. The Mi-8 is the world's most-produced helicopter, and is used by over 50 countries.
  The model was initially performed in 3DS Max, then it was transferred to GMax in parts, where the final assembly was made, the texturing and compilation directly in the sim.
In this package there are 6 types of models (names - according to the directories in the package):
1. model.EVU - version of the vertical. Afghan times, with the EBU, ROM, PKT machine gun, NURS, etc. Has no external suspension. (Textures AFG). Anti-tank machine gun and folding seat-cover in the VC.
2.model.GVF - civilian version (Textures AFL), ROM, external suspension (container), inner cargo - barrels.
3. model.NORD - civil northern variant (NORD textures), without ROM, external suspension (oil tower section), internal cargo - no, instead of cargo. cockpit spider, pilots dressed in winter uniform.
4. model.PZU - variant of MES (Textures PZU), ROM, external suspension (container), internal cargo - container.
5. model.UN - is similar to the variant of MES (Textures UN), ROM, external suspension (container), internal cargo - container. The difference is the pilots in helmets.
6. model.NURS - modern military variant (Textures NURS, UA), ROM, external suspension (container), internal cargo - container, pilots in helmets, suspension NURS.

This is my 4th attempt to make a model of this legendary helicopter. The first were published, 3 not, so the 4th decided to publish. Why did I take up again the Mi-8 if there are Nimets, Lago and PNTV? - this good packages, but one of them is not satisfied with the absence of a cockpit (PNTV), while others, despite a good study (NIMETH) - Western orientation, or something, with an orientation toward the Western audience.
It is forgotten that the main symbols of the Afghan war were in their time two types of Soviet technology - Infantry Fighting Vehicle and, of course, the Mi-8 helicopter.

Mi8_VC Virtual cockpit is fully working, it is quite animate detail, lots of animation. Animated all the standard parts and levers - steering wheel, step-gas, park. brake, pedals. In addition, the right pilot is animated, the fans (unwind themselves depending on the speed of flight), the doors to the cockpit (on the "O" key (default) - the gates - they are not involved in this model and have their default key). The windows open on the key "release of the water rudder - WATERRADDER deploy" (I have many defaulted keys changed, so I do not remember their def-purpose - check it in
the hatch in the cockpit opens to the opening of cargo doors (by default, Sh + Ctr + E + 2, a terrible combination, so I have long ago replaced it with Tab + 1 / Tab + 2).
VC has differences similar to the panels, the Afghan differs from the usual, the krashka-seat opens to the standard button on-off of the autopilot (the usual airplane, I prescribed its aircraft.cfg specially just for this, it has no influence on the vertical dynamics). In addition, all visible animation is available in the VC - opening doors, g / hatch, unloading loads, opening the floor cover for the spider's hook external. suspension in the version of ColAvia. Different types of cargo in different versions, - containers, barrels, different options for equipping pilots. Therefore, to whom it is interesting - I suggest an easy way to move around the VC - I do not use any active cameras for this - it's just that no one is flying now on the clave (at least this model is not designed for this) - that's why "the idle" so I switched camera down-up to keys 0 and 9, and right-left-forward-back-to the arrow keys of the cursor, resetting the camera to its original position-to Enter-it's very convenient and easy to move around the cockpit.

Therefore, for the Afghan version, a package was made, but along with cargo options, modern BTA-shnye, MES were made. The package is focused on Russian-speaking. simmer, even the manual will be detailed only in Russian, for foreign fans of this machine-only graphic infa on the animatrix. Yes, and who are interested in glamorous passenger variants from kvadr. glasses - here do not look for them, no, I'm a modeller only BTA, trucks and turntables. The package was made as always, first of all for oneself, for its vision and understanding, special emphasis on VC, personally for me it is important. If to that what not so - do not seek, I share what I consider necessary and right in the Sim for myself, if someone does not please - I apologize in advance. The model is completely new, nothing is taken from previous versions; the model also uses an animated swashplate and a rotor from Artem GILTIYA and an autopilot AP-34 from Stepan Gritsevsky, for which they are very thankful. Thanks also to the numerous COLLEAGUES from the AVSIM.SU website for the help of advice, all of which are listed below.

– Vladimir Zhyhulskiy
Kiev, Ukraine, e-mail: zh-air@yandex.ru
July, 2010

Freeware, use of the given model and its parts
is forbidden for commercial use.
The large request - at accommodation of this model or repaints on other sites to inform the authors.
Forbid accomodation in on CD without the sanction of author.
 For FS-9 ONLY!!! Not upgrade for FSX!!!

   The free publication of this package in a network ONLY on sites avsim.su, avsim.com, fligtsim.com is resolved. On all others - only from the sanction of the author.
The SPECIAL WARNING to misters from site FSPLANET.COM - any publication of this package, his parts or changes on the basis of this package - is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN ON YOUR SITE!
The package contains some parts of other authors - the main rotor from Artem GILTIY and gauge AP-34 from
Stepan GRITSEVSKIY - all rights on these parts of a package belong to the specified misters.

Vladimir Zhigulsky

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