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Tupolev: Tu204-120
[ · Download remotely (226.11Mb) ] 19.03.2018, 08:43
imageExcellent model in the coloring Vladivostok Avia. The Tupolev TU204-120 is the Russian competitor to the Airbus A320 and Boeing 757. The 204–120 is equipped with the western Rolls Royce 535e4 engines, which are also an option for the 757-200. The Tupolev 204 was developed as a replacement for the Tupolev 154. In the initial layout, presented in the early 80’s the aircraft was to have three engines; it was then however reworked to a two engine aircraft. The first flight of the prototype took place at January 2,
1989. In August 1990 the first production model took to the sky. At the end of 2000 the Tupolev 214, with an increased MTOW and range went into production. Currently Tupolev is working on the TU-204-300, which has a shorter fuse and decreased capacity, but a much longer range.
Authors: Robert Versluys(model), Shura(texture VladivostokAvia), NeshRik & others (panel)
More screenshots:

image imageimage
and video:


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