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KMIA Miami International Airport
[ · Download remotely (301.8 Mb) ] 12.03.2022, 18:11
    imageMiami International Airport is one of the most important airports in the state of Florida and takes 24th place in the world by number of transported passengers. The airport is known as the gateway to Latin America from and to which they are a lot of flights. Also from Miami airport is an important link in the TRANS-Atlantic flights from Europe and back, and of course for domestic flights within the USA.
imageThe airport was built in 1928 by the airline Pan American as its base airport. Later in 1945, the city bought the airport of PanAm and renamed it to Miami international Airport.
The first terminal, built in 1928, was demolished in 1959 after the opening of a new modern terminal, which later expanded to 6 вестибюлей.В this scenario you will find:
  •  KMIA (MIA) airport modeled with the observance of the details.
  •  Detailed environment.
  •  More than 44 square of the photosubstrates with thousands manually  placed human-made structures.
  •  High resolution textures land / Custom texture of the runway and taxiways.
  •  To order the shadows of airport buildings.
  •  Redesigned land class.
  •  Parking AI traffic according to real data.
  •  Animated railway transport on the territory of the AP.
  •  Excellent night effects.
  •  Optimized for providing excellent performance.
  •  Heliocopter's platform on which you can sit in the building of the centre airport (FSX)
  •  Static model aircraft in service areas.
  •  Manual in PDF format.
  •  Extensive grass.
  •  The installer automatically adds the script library.
  •  Birds (FSX)
  •  Natural animation TF (FSX)
  •  Reflections on the terminal  (FSX)
Author: LatinVFR

More screenshots:

 image  image  image

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