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Главная » 2019 » September » 1 » To the MAX-2019 presented to the Russian system of "Stalker" for landing
To the MAX-2019 presented to the Russian system of "Stalker" for landing
Holding "Schwabe" presented at the International aviation and space salon MAKS-2019 in Zhukovsky near Moscow, the new technical performance of glide scope laser system of aircraft landing system "Stalker".
As explained in the press service of the holding, the system is a complex consisting of three laser beacons, each of which has six modules. Lighthouses are located on the tarmac on both sides and 100 meters in front of the end of the runway. The need for the system arises in conditions of poor visibility-rain, fog, low clouds, when landing is difficult.
When landing, the pilot sees 3 laser beams indicating the direction, that is, the course, landing and glide plane. To simplify the estimation of its own location by the crew of the glide plane marked by two rays: the left beam emits intermittent 2 times per second, right — 1 time per second, and the course is marked by a beam that lights up continuously. The system is controlled from the command post by the engineer of the lighting equipment or by the landing dispatcher from the remote control.

"When creating the Stalker system, we focused primarily on the needs of pilots, despite the fact that potential customers are airports. When testing the system, the most common among them was the question of the safety of the laser for vision. We have created an absolutely safe laser system. For example, compared to a conventional laser pointer, the radiation power density of Stalker beacons is 42 times lower, "said Sergey Popov, first Deputy General Director of the holding.
"Stalker" is completely dust-and moisture-proof, easy to install, maintain and use, can be operated in conditions of 100% humidity, at a temperature of -50 to + 60 degrees Celsius, and the assigned resource of the system is 60 thousand hours, the recovery time in case of any failure — no more than 5 minutes. Due to the high level of modularity of the system, its operability is restored by replacing the faulty element without interrupting the operation of the entire system. Reliability uptime 0,995. In fact these figures mean a high reliability " Stalker."
Laser glide scope system — an initiative to develop the Krasnogorsk plant them. S. A. Zverev, part of the circuit "Schwabe".

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