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Главная » 2019 » April » 29 » The largest aircraft in the world took to the air
The largest aircraft in the world took to the air

Footage of the flight of the largest aircraft in the world flew around The globe. It's really an amazing sight. Giant two fuselage the Stratolaunch Systems aircraft made its first flight.

Stratolaunch Model 351

Two fuselage aircraft Stratolaunch Systems began to be developed by Scaled Composites in 2011. The aircraft will become part of the Stratolaunch Aerospace launch system. With the help of this aircraft, it is planned to launch reusable spaceships into space.
The design of the aircraft is a two-body monoplane. The hulls of the aircraft are connected by a pylon, which will be attached to a reusable spacecraft, a Shuttle.
The aircraft is equipped with 6 turbofan engines Pratt & Whitney PW4056 thrust 252,4 kN each.
Aircraft length of 73 meters, wingspan 117,3 meters, height of 4.69 metres. The carrying capacity of the aircraft is about 250 tons.
For takeoff and landing, the world's largest aircraft is equipped with a chassis with 28 wheels, 14 on each side.

The launch of the spacecraft

The launch of the spacecraft will be carried out according to the following scheme: the space Shuttle will be attached to the Stratolaunch Systems carrier aircraft, after which it will be filled with fuel, passengers will take their places in the Shuttle. Next, the aircraft carrier will take off with the Shuttle to a height of about 11 000 meters, then the Shuttle will get rid of the aircraft carrier and fly like a rocket into space. Return to Earth spacecraft will be like a normal plane.

Starting today Stratolaunch Model 351 is waiting for a series of flight tests. Engineers need to check all components and systems of the aircraft, to work off and landing. Already next year, the Stratolaunch aircraft is waiting for the first space launch of a space aircraft.

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