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Главная » 2019 » March » 10 » HondaJet became the best-selling business aircraft in its category last year
HondaJet became the best-selling business aircraft in its category last year

Based on data provided by the General aviation aircraft manufacturers Association (GAMA), HondaJet was the best-selling business aircraft in its category in 2018. Business jet production company Honda, which has a glorious tradition in the automotive sector, received a total of 37 customers around the world, which is quite a lot for this segment.
The most notable innovation of HondaJet are engines mounted on top of the wings on special pylons, and not on the fuselage, as is customary in this category of aircraft. The solution, called OTWEM (engine suspension over the wing), allowed Honda Aircraft designers to free up the cabin space and reduce the noise level from engine vibration. According to the manufacturer, the aerodynamic design of the wings and nose reduces resistance and increases the efficiency of the business jet.

Another important element is the GE Honda Aero HF120 engine itself, which was developed in close collaboration between Honda and GE Aviation — one of the rarest cases where an aircraft manufacturer was involved in an engine development project. Usually engines are developed in accordance with the requirements of the project by specialized companies, without the active actions of the aircraft manufacturer.

HondaJet is the first successful civil aviation project of the Japanese industry in decades. The aircraft was designed by Honda Aircraft, a subsidiary of American Honda Motors, and is manufactured entirely in the United States, in Greensboro, North Carolina.

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