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Главная » 2022 » March » 7 » MC-21-300 flight simulator: a modern crew training system has been created for the new airliner
MC-21-300 flight simulator: a modern crew training system has been created for the new airliner
The complex simulator is one of the stages of the personnel training system under the MS-21 program. The development of a complex of technical means of training (CTT) by order of "Irkut" is carried out by the company "NPF Systems of complex simulators".

The complex includes CTT, providing a full cycle of training for all categories of aviation personnel: pilots, cabin crew (flight attendants) and engineering and technical personnel. In total, there are 13 items in the line of technical training tools. The head samples of the CTT under the MS-21 program are deployed in the training complex of the Department of Aviation Personnel Training of Aeroflot – Russian Airlines. It is planned to install all elements of the MS-21 family aircraft CTT complex here.
The simulator allows you to practice aircraft navigation, piloting, operation of equipment and onboard systems, interaction between crew members and ground services. All actions can be worked out in the conditions of malfunctions and failures, special cases of flight in strict accordance with the Manual for the flight operation of the MS-21 airliner. The MS-21-300 complex simulator fully complies with the requirements for a flight simulation simulator according to international standards (level D according to the JAR-FSTD classification and level 7 according to the ICAO doc 9625 classification).
To train flight attendants, a corresponding line of CTT has been created, including a simulator of emergency rescue procedures, on-board emergency rescue equipment, a door simulator, a fire extinguishing simulator and a service simulator on board the MS-21 aircraft.

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