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Главная » 2018 » March » 16 » American fighter aircraft F-35 lost "invisibility"
American fighter aircraft F-35 lost "invisibility"
In 2011, serial production of fighters for the US Air Force and all other countries began. The F-35 fighter is planned to be put into operation in 2019. Problems with the development of special software and weapons detain it.
The technological error in the production of aircraft F-35, expensive for American aircraft manufacturers. 
In addition to the fact that to date, the American fighter-bomber F-35 is found hundreds of defects that make the use of these aircraft ineffective, or even do not allow them to operate, another problem was discovered - these aircraft that the Pentagon calls '... the best in the world airplanes ...', become visible on the radar. In fact, specialists managed to establish that over time, the so-called 'stealth' technology used on these aircraft ceases to operate, so that 'invisible' aircraft can easily detect radar equipment, which negates the possibility of these fighters . 
Specialists have already managed to find out that the cause of the problem is a technological error made at the production stage, in particular, it is a question of the technology of coating production and its application to the fuselage, due to which, after some time, the coating begins to crumble, which makes these planes visible. 
According to the most conservative estimates, this oversight can cost American billionaires extra spending of several billion dollars, which will certainly lead to an increase in the cost of the project. 

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