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Главная » 2018 » February » 14 » Icing of the speed sensors, because of which the An-148 could crash, is also observed in the Sukhoi Superjet 100
Icing of the speed sensors, because of which the An-148 could crash, is also observed in the Sukhoi Superjet 100
With a malfunction that supposedly caused the An-148 crash in the Moscow region, the Aeroflot crews who ran the Sukhoi SuperJet were also encountered several times. According to Rosaviation, only in early February there were 7 similar incidents, however, without fatal consequences.
   The icing of receivers of full pressure, because of which the crew of the An-148 "Saratov Airlines", apparently did not have data on the real speed of the aircraft, which subsequently, probably, led to a catastrophe, was observed on the boards of Aeroflot. Pilots Sukhoi Superjet, as Kommersant writes referring to Rosaviatsiya, complained about the discrepancy between the readings of the aircraft commander and the co-pilot. Problems, as a rule, arose during the takeoff and climb. It is noted that in all seven cases the crews stopped taking off and returned to the airport. After inspecting the aircraft, it became clear that the probable cause of the malfunction was the icing of the fuselage just before the air pressure receiver, which records the data on the speed of the aircraft. Ice formation is reported to have occurred because of the heavy snowfall that covered the capital region in early February. Rosaviatsiya no orders to limit the operation of the "Superjet" carriers did not send, but the supervisory agency drew attention to poor-quality cleaning of the runways and taxiways.
   Representatives of the Sukhoi Civil Aircraft concern comment on the message Rosaviatsia did not, noting only that the Superjet passed all the necessary tests both in Russia and in Europe.
    An-148  crashed on Sunday afternoon. Killed 71 people. There are no survivors.

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