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What pilots of airlines do not tell passengers

Lindsay Galloway, BBC Travel

Пилот в кабине самолета

"Says your captain" is a familiar phrase that passengers hear during the flight. But apart from weather information and reminders of the "seat belt fastening" warning, airliner pilots are usually not very talkative. I wonder what they could tell if they had the opportunity?
The BBC Travel columnist sought help from Quora's question and answer site and asked current and former pilots, as well as several other industry experts about secrets that they will never tell passengers on board.
We forget to turn off the belt warning

Предупреждение пристегните ремни в самолете

"If you see that the sign" Fasten your seat belts "glows during the last hour of the flight in a calm atmosphere, we simply forgot about it," says the pilot of the American airline, who does not give his name.
However, some pilots deliberately leave it during the entire flight, especially if there are reports of a bad weather further along the route.

Do not drink coffee on board

Кофе на борту самолета лучше не пить

The same anonymous pilot also advised passengers not to touch the brown liquid on board, referring to coffee."Drinking water in airplanes is just disgusting," he explains, "To prevent the growth of harmful bacteria in water tanks, special chemicals are added in. As a result, the bad taste of coffee is not due to bad coffee, but because of the presence of chemicals ".

Turbulence - it's not so scary

imageAlthough pilots always require passengers to fasten their seat belts for safety reasons, most of them do not worry about a few air holes.
"Most of the disasters occur during takeoff or landing," says Quora site participant Joe Torres, "in this case it looks like a high-speed boat jumping on troubled water." The plane will not fall from the sky just because it hit the turbulence zone ".

Dispatchers are not to blame for the delay in flights


Самолет на фоне диспетчерской вышки

The dispatcher of the Federal Aviation Administration Paul Cox believes that the delay in flights is due to the fault of airlines, rather than dispatchers.
"An ordinary airport with one runway with well-designed taxiing under normal weather conditions can serve about 60 operations per hour - one every minute," he explains.According to Cox, delays occur when the weather worsens and the number of aircraft that the airport can take within an hour decreases to 30, which leads to a delay in the remaining 30 flights. Instead of taking into account weather forecasts, airlines try to execute as many flights as they manage to make in the schedule.

We are paid less than you think

Anonymous pilot and several other users of Quora also told that the salary of most novice pilots is very small.
"While pilots are responsible for countless passengers every year and undergo additional training, they usually receive less than a kindergarten teacher," writes user David Karp.
Another pilot, who asked to remain anonymous, said that usually the co-pilot in a regional airline in the US for the first year of work does not receive more than $ 16,000.

Do not want to say too much

"It's an art to tell what's going on, but do not give out too much information," says pilot Eric Ocsey, who has worked for a major airline since 1990.
"I can not turn on the speakerphone and announce:" People, our wing is on fire, but you do not pay attention, "and should avoid describing the details of what is being repaired on board mechanics."
Instead, the pilot suggests using a soothing message, for example: "Our mechanics-aces will now reset the settings of one of the black boxes and we will leave in a few minutes."
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