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ATN-51 "Black Plague" - the newest Russian fighter. Technical characteristics and function.

Recently, the media reported that Russian military designers have begun work on the creation of the newest Russian fighter - ATN-51 "Black Plague." The device, technical characteristics and purpose of this flying combat vehicle is described in the article.


ATN-51 "Black Plague" - the newest Russian fighter of the fifth generation. In the information sources of information about this aircraft is very small. It is known that the ATN-51 is currently under active development. This device is a promising fighter-bomber, developed for use in a potential conflict in the Arctic.

About the characteristics

ATN-51 "Black Plague" is planned to be armed with ten heavy supersonic missiles for various purposes, the place of which will be a drum set. In addition, the aircraft will be equipped with four hypersonic high-precision air-to-air missiles. As a place for their location plan to use the side compartments.

The new Russian fighter ATN-51 "Black Plague" will use a two-circuit engine equipped with a controlled vector of thrust, thanks to which, according to aviation experts, the bomber will be able to develop a significant speed. Presumably, its indicator will be 4.5 Mach. The aircraft, moving at a speed of 1 Mach, is capable of overcoming 300 m or 1100 km / h per second. If the indicator is higher than Mach 1, it is considered that the aircraft has supersonic speed. It is this speed, according to the plans of Russian aircraft designers, will be able to develop ATN-51 "Black Plague".

The newest Russian fighter is adapted to transport a huge fuel reserve. Presumably, the volume of fuel will be 32 tons. With such a reserve, according to experts, the Russian plane will be able to fly out of the airfield in Siberia, two hours later arrive in the United States and, having completed the mission there, without refueling to return to the base. Presumably, the practical ceiling of the combat vehicle will vary between 32-42 km.

As scientists predict, in the very near future, mankind expects global warming, which in the end will entail the melting of ice. Thus, the Arctic, with its oil and gas, will become the region on which the interests of several states come together: Russia, the United States of America, Canada, Norway and Denmark. The above-mentioned countries are washed by the Arctic Ocean. Scientists are already intensively master this region. Military specialists do not exclude the possibility of attempts to resolve the Arctic issue by force.
According to some media, Russia controls the water area and has its own plans for the Arctic deposits of gas and oil. The ATN-51 bomber is being designed by Russian designers to solve the probable conflict.


It is planned that the production of ATN-51 will be established in early 2020. According to military experts, the presence of such a bomber will be a significant breakthrough in the development of aircraft construction.

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