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Главная » 2018 » May » 7 » 10 rockets "Dagger" and 10 aircraft carriers from the United States. Coincidence?
10 rockets "Dagger" and 10 aircraft carriers from the United States. Coincidence?

On March 1, 2018, the whole world learned about the presence of Russia's hypersonic missiles "Dagger", which had already passed all military tests and were taken into service in the number of 10 complexes. However, very few people know what the given rocket is. Today we will try to change this situation a little and tell what the rocket is like, to which no one treats indifferently.

This missile is part of the complex X-47M2 "Dagger" consisting of a supersonic high-altitude fighter of the long-range MiG-31 and the very rocket "Dagger". In the future, it is planned to replace the MiG-31M with the newest fighter of the fifth generation of Su-57, which is currently undergoing final flight tests.

The missile launches after the fighter reaches a speed of 3000 km / h (the maximum speed of the MiG-31M is 3,400 km / h) at an altitude above 20 km. The rocket starts at the expense of the solid-state fuel engine and very quickly gains a huge speed of 3 km / s, while the rocket constantly rises upwards, into the zone where the air resistance is minimum (40-50 km above sea level) and is directed to its goal at this altitude constantly maneuvering . Having reached the location area of ​​the target, the missile sharply changes its trajectory and strikes it with a vertical blow. The maximum range of the Dagger's defeat is 2000 km, and the maximum speed is 3.3 km / s.

At the moment, Russia is armed with ten MiG-31 with Dagger missiles capable of hitting enemy aircraft carriers and destroyers.

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