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PKMJ Marshall Islands International
[ · Download remotely (511 Mb) ] 21.02.2018, 09:17

imageDuring the years of the Second World War and the Cold War, about two dozen airports were built on the Marshall Islands, but only 10 are currently active. The islands are located very far from Europe or America. Most of us will never see the Marshall Islands in real life, but the developer of Pacific Islands Simulation will help us visit some of these exotic islands via FSX in the form of sceneries of 8 airports.

  •  Marshall Islands International (AKA Amata Kabua International) -  PKMJ
  •  Rongelap - PKRP
  •  Utirik - 03N
  •  Mejit - Q30
  •  Kaben - PKBN
  •  Maloelap - 3N1
  •  Ine-N20
  •  Tinak - N18

   image  Marshall Islands International is one of the most fascinating airports in the world with its own runway of about 2,440 meters, located on a stripe of sushi from coral silicate with a width of not more than 150 meters. The flight time from New York to Majuro is 14 hours, from Tokyo - 11, from Sydney-6, from Guam 8 and from Honolulu 5 hours. You arrive in a warm hospitable country, but with constant thunderstorms and an uninterrupted side wind that is typical of this part of the Micronesian region. The width of the runway is so thin in terms of aviation standards that it makes the approach quite difficult and difficult for heavy aircraft types.
Other small airports, such as Ine and Tinak, also have their problems, since they are located on thin fragments of coral lintels in the center of the vast Pacific Ocean.



Product Features

  •     Precise detailing of terminal buildings;
  •     The airport terrain was changed;
  •     Custom textured polygons of runways;
  •     Custom textures of vegetation and objects;
  •     3D Grass
  •     Upgraded terrain mask reflecting the actual contours of the island and atolls;
  •     Plausible texturing of the color of the earth and the water surface;
  •     Night lighting and effects;
  •     15/30/60 cm / pixel photoreal textures;
  •     Animation;
  •     Surrounding sounds (birds, waves of an accident);
  •     The frame rate is friendly (including full autogen improvements for frame rate, using the SDK annotator). This means that all the sliders are moved to the right. At the same time, we have a very minimal FPS;
  •     Marking of the runway and apron;
  •     Radio navigation for the tool approaches (ILS / DME, VOR and NDB)
  •     and much more.
More screenshots:
image image image

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