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Главная » 2018 » April » 19 » Giant aircraft "Ruslan" announced a boycott of NATO, and France lost
Giant aircraft "Ruslan" announced a boycott of NATO, and France lost

Russia is stopping cooperation with NATO countries in the transportation of oversized cargo by giant An-124-100 "Ruslan" planes. The contract with ten alliance countries, including France, Germany, Poland, Hungary and others, will not be extended after 2018, Kommersant reports citing sources in the aviation industry. Instead, the company Volga-Dnepr will focus on civilian transportation. Experts of the NNS (National News Service) say that France will suffer most, the logistics of military operations of which will become more complicated.
So, the Air Force Major, former instructor-instructor Andrei Krasnopyorov on the air of the NNS, said that because of the decision on the "Ruslans" everyone will suffer, but NATO is more.
"Ruslan" is quite a large cargo plane, which is able to transport heavy oversized cargo. There are no analogues of such planes at all. For us, the loss of orders is, of course, the loss of financial revenues. But, as for France, they will have the biggest problems with the delivery of such cargoes, they will have to be delivered on land. Given the degree of congestion of roads, this will increase the delivery time. In addition, some oversized cargo will have to be disassembled even more.

So everyone will suffer, but NATO will lose the opportunity to carry something through the air. And the air is time, delivery time, which is a key issue for the military of any country, "Krasnopyorov said on the air.

The contract for cargo transportation with NATO countries was signed on a tender for 2017-2018. According to the German media, in 2017, Volga-Dnepr performed flights under the contract in the total amount of 973 flight hours.

Recall, An-124-100 "Ruslan" was developed in the Soviet Union and is still the largest and load-lifting cargo ship in the world. The aircraft can carry loads up to 120 tons. At the same time on board there can be 7 people in the cabin of the shift crew and 21 - in the cabin of the attendants.

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