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Scheme of entering the airport LSGS on the lane 25.

     The beginning of the approach is made from the SANET point, at this point you should expect to occupy a height of at least 17,000 feet. The next MOT point (MONTANA, frequency 115.85) you must fly strictly at an altitude of 17,000 feet and with a speed of not more than 220 knots. Continue to follow the 086 course and gradually decrease to an altitude of 16,000 feet, and when 25 miles from the MOT point (the speed should be a maximum of 210 knots), begin a smooth turn on course 247 with an exit to the MASAB point. Further, we expect the course-glide path system to be connected to the ALETO point.
Attention: the glide path is captured at the ALETO point at an altitude of 16,000 feet !!!
     With course 246, follow the glide path until you remove 7 miles from the end of the strip. With this removal, we disable the autopilot and continue to call VISUAL !!! with the left turn to the landing course 252, observing the holding height and vertical speed according to the PAPI lights on the lane.

The elevation of the band is 1,581 feet, so do not forget that in the glide path you will have an accelerated decline from a height of 16,000 feet to the strip, and your vertical drop rate will be pretty decent (~ 1300-2500image imagefoot / min). Therefore, a small tip: try to bring the plane to the ALETO point at the landing speed and with a fully finished landing configuration.

Now let's see how there will be a flight from this airport from strip 25.

    The output scheme for us will be FRI 1U (FRIBOURG ONE UNIFORM). In this scheme, the most important will be the SIO beacon (Sion, frequency 112.15). After take-off, we will immediately have to turn left to course 235, with an initial climb of 8000 feet. Further, at a distance from the beacon SION 20 miles or occupying a height of 13,000 feet. Then, with a right smooth turn and a maximum speed of 210 knots, we turn to course 100 and save it to the radial 235 from the SIO beacon, then with a return to the SION waggon with course 055. We fly the SION thief-beacon at a height of below 16,000 feet. Further all is simple: on the left on SANET and FRI (FRIBORG).

Well, and video entry and landing on the 25th lane in Zion: