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If you look at it from a certain angle, India can be called the savior of Russian aviation. It was thanks to this country that Russia was able to load domestic design bureaus, as well as military factories with work.
Category: Air force | Views: 885 | Added by: vvs5500 | Date: 02.04.2022 | Comments (0)

The moment of the January disaster was published for the first time, and information appeared that a female pilot could control the fifth-generation aircraft.

The landing was filmed from two points, it is heard that the aircraft carrier is trying to stop the inevitable collision, panic is growing.
Category: Air force | Views: 374 | Added by: vvs5500 | Date: 27.03.2022 | Comments (0)

   While performing a combat mission in the zone of a special military operation, a rocket of a portable anti-aircraft missile system fired from the ground hit the Su-25 attack aircraft, which was the second in a pair.
Category: Air force | Views: 490 | Added by: vvs5500 | Date: 15.03.2022 | Comments (0)

Over the past day, aviation and air defense systems of the Russian Aerospace Forces have shot down 16 air targets during a special operation in Ukraine, said the official representative of the Russian Defense Ministry, Major General Igor Konashenkov.
Su-24, Su-25, Mi-8 helicopter and 13 drones were shot down, including six Bayraktar TB-2, he added.
Views: 556 | Added by: vvs5500 | Date: 15.03.2022 | Comments (0)

The complex simulator is one of the stages of the personnel training system under the MS-21 program. The development of a complex of technical means of training (CTT) by order of "Irkut" is carried out by the company "NPF Systems of complex simulators".
Category: Civil | Views: 535 | Added by: vvs5500 | Date: 07.03.2022 | Comments (0)

Russia has banned flights over its territory to air carriers from 36 states
Russia has banned flights over its territory to air carriers from 36 states. The consequences of this measure were told on Sputnik radio by the head of the Logistics consulting group. Business. Solutions" Vyacheslav Belobzhetsky.
Category: Civil | Views: 545 | Added by: vvs5500 | Date: 04.03.2022 | Comments (0)

The latest Russian ADS (air defense systems) S-350  have been transferred to the border with Ukraine

   Due to the risks of military clashes, Russia has transferred the latest S-350 "Vityaz" air defense systems to the border with Ukraine.
Category: Air force | Views: 526 | Added by: vvs5500 | Date: 26.12.2021 | Comments (0)

MS-21 airliner with Russian PD-14 engines made its first flight
The MS-21-310 aircraft, equipped with new Russian PD-14 engines, made its first flight. This was reported by the press service of Rostec.
Category: Civil | Views: 1434 | Added by: vvs5500 | Date: 15.12.2020 | Comments (0)

New "Super-Flanker" for the Russian air force.

The Russian state aircraft building holding UAC (United Aircraft Corporation) handed over three plants of the new SU-35S to the Russian air force. Trinity marks the completion of an order for 50 aircraft by 2015. But the replenishment is already on the way.  ... Read more »
Category: Air force | Views: 973 | Added by: vvs5500 | Date: 03.12.2020 | Comments (0)

Irkutsk aviation plant received the first engines for installation of Russian medium-haul aircraft MS-21, which has already been dubbed the "Killer of Boeing", RIA Novosti reported, citing information from the press service of the state Corporation rostec. The power units were produced by UEC - Perm motors.
Category: Civil | Views: 2712 | Added by: vvs5500 | Date: 23.01.2020 | Comments (0)

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